Run For Your Life!

captain america Run for your life could mean there’s a tree about to fall on top of you so you’d better…
Or maybe there’s a bush fire out of control, now the wind has changed direction and it’s headin’ your way, you’d better….

In the case of the Beatles, in the song ‘Run For Your life’

John Lennon is telling his unfaithful girlfriend she’d better do just that if she knows what’s good for her.
“you better run for your life while you can little girl, catch you with another man, that’s the end, little girl”

If you look at the photo above you’ll see these people are having a great time and really they’re keeping fit  and running for their lives at the same time.

Jogging is something I do four times a week.

No problem though, it doesn’t look like there’s any danger, no cliffs nearby, I’m not on a busy road, can’t see any fires or any trees falling down but…
As pathetic as it sounds, I really do look at it as a form of ‘running for my life’

Don’t worry, I’m not makin’ myself out to be some kinda hero!

Because sometimes when I get home from work the last thing I want to do is go for a run.
I only work  four days a week so I’ve made a commitment to have a run four times a week and on the other days I just do a few weights.

To be totally honest, some nights I almost make up some excuse why I shouldn’t go for a run, then I tell myself, “so, you wanna be one of those people that are unfit, unhealthy and don’t have the energy to enjoy their lives?”

That makes me think of my brother in law and a lot of my friends that fit that description and the next thing, I’m puttin’ my sneakers on without even thinkin’ about it, grabbin’ my mp3 player and going out the front door full of enthusiasm….yep… I’m Running For My Life.

Do you have a fitness routine or similar to keep you in shape, would love to hear what you do?

photo by  Vicki Wolkins 

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    I love the images on this site – inspiring. Yes, I do have a routine of walking, not running, at least 3x/week plus usually tennis once/week or more. And then I add weight training 2-3x/week, some yoga, some Pilates – and, unfortunately, a lot of sitting at my computer and sitting as I work with clients. I feel as if I am walking or bicycling for my life so I sometimes stop working,even when I have not completed all that I had planned, and I head over to my health club to just do it. Always feel great afterwards. Of course, the jacuzzi, sauna and steam add to the enjoyment of it all.


    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..Are YOU Filled With Anxiety?My Profile

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      Hi Dr Erica,

      Wow! sounds like you really enjoy staying fit, and miss it if you don’t get to do some form of exercise daily. I think once we get into the habit, we know it feels good and just want to keep doing it.

      kind regards
      John van Zyl recently posted..STONES REHEARSING IN LAMy Profile

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      Hi Rosemary, Thanks for having a read, sounds like you’re into staying fit, good for you.
      If more people realised how good it would make them feel, more people would do it, don’t you agree?

      kind regards
      John van Zyl recently posted..STONES REHEARSING IN LAMy Profile

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    Right on, John, I spent a lot of my life not being in any decent kind of shape. then when I joined the Navy, I saw how important it was to be physically fit; so I started running. A group of use used to run on the flight deck of the ship after knock-off and it turned out to be something I really enjoyed.

    Not long distances, it was 13 times around the flight deck to make a mile, but it started a lifelong habit then of feeling better by being in shape, and it is still something I practice now, more than 30 years later.
    Michael Shook recently posted..Boston Marathon BombingMy Profile

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      Hi Michael,
      Sounds cool running around the flight deck. My son was in the US navy on an aircraft carrier and it was huge.
      I think once exercising becomes part of your routine it becomes part of your life and you miss it if you stop doing it.

      best regards
      John van Zyl recently posted..STONES REHEARSING IN LAMy Profile

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    John–Thanks for the post! You are so right! We do need to stay in shape. It does take discipline. It is easy to be tired and just want to hit the couch but we are much better for it if we get some healthy exercise!
    Gene Call recently posted..Real Estate BrokerageMy Profile

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      Hi Chery,

      Sounds like you keep pretty fit working out 5 days a week, wow! that’s great.
      And yes when we realise we need to do ‘something’ to keep fit and actually do it then we’re on our way.

      Thanks for your comment.

      kind regards
      John van Zyl recently posted..STONES REHEARSING IN LAMy Profile

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    Hi John,
    I have a schedule of working my elliptical three times a week and I love my quiet time working out. However, I have a bigger goal to get my health to the level that I can seriously start re-training on the bike. I used to participate in long distance cycle events and I have a dream of getting back to that. I have struggled with my health for a few years but recently it has improved exponentially thanks to various new health protocols I am following.

    So i am hopeful….everyone needs to be exercising in some way that is enjoyable to the spirit.

    thanks for sharing a fun article.

    Clare recently posted..Network Marketing Success: How to Professionally Invite Someone?My Profile

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    Truman – our black lab and I walk 7 days a week – usually 3.5 miles – rain or shine – and we do get a lot of rain up here in the Pacific NW – but if you’re goretex from head to foot it’s usually quite wonderful. I really can’t stand the inside of a gym – too confining and too noisy – so I’ve got some weights I use at home, a fitness ball – which I love for stretching and some resistance bands which I actually enjoy more than the weights.
    Marty Diamond recently posted..Is Your Website a Jargon-Free Zone?My Profile

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      Hi Marty,

      Sounds like you’re all sorted with your fitness routine, and it sounds like you’re having fun with it.
      You reminded me that it’s great walking in the rain, it really is beautiful.
      thanks for having a read,
      best regards John
      John van Zyl recently posted..STONES REHEARSING IN LAMy Profile

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    I’m not able to run, because I wore the cartilage away in my knees when I was a young woman. But walking and riding my bike are great ways to keep active, and I get to enjoy the birds and wildflowers while I’m out there. So all in all, not a bad substitute… :)

    Willena Flewelling recently posted..When Knowledge Is Not EnoughMy Profile

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    Hi John,

    My daily light exercise include cycling and dancing. I enjoyed doing both but I really don’t go to gym to do all the muscle building

    Oh yes, I love the opening of your post as well as the example given on Beatles song. Thanks for making me feel so awake and wanting to read more as soon as I start reading the first two lines :-)) Great post, John.

    Cheers ! :-)
    Pearly Quah recently posted..Kangen Water® Malaysia – Business Partners WantedMy Profile

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      Hi Pearly,

      Thanks for having a read, sounds great what you do for exercise, going to a gym doesn’t appeal to me.
      It’s beautiful outside most of the time and perfect a environment for some exercise,
      thank you Pearly, glad you liked the post.

      kind regards
      John van Zyl recently posted..STONES REHEARSING IN LAMy Profile

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    Hi Ade- Mr Wisdom,

    Thanks for your comment, yes I do know what you mean, sometimes I do the same thing, I miss running one night, then before i know it I’ve missed 2 or 3.

    Anyway we’re still doing a good job keeping fit and healthy.

    kind regards
    John van Zyl recently posted..STONES REHEARSING IN LAMy Profile

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