Children today live in such a different time than when we were children, let alone when our parents or grandfathers and grandmothers were children. The current generation plays outside a lot less than the children of the past, research shows. That while playing outside is just so important.

In fact, 15% of kids between 4 and 15 years old hardly ever play outside. That is not a good sign, of course, because playing outside makes children happy and healthy.

  1. Healthy kids play outside

Children who often play outside feel happy and healthy and that’s right: playing outside is healthy. It is good for brain development and good motor skills. Just think about what they all do outside: from tag to climbing in the jungle gym to playing football.

Of course, exercise in itself is also very good for a child and they take enough vitamin D outside, which is necessary for strong and healthy bones.

  1. Children enjoy playing outside

This of course has everything to do with what is going on outside and with whom. Friends often hook up and experience the most beautiful outdoor adventures together. Kids are happy with that.

Outside children can use their energy and imagination and it also makes them more creative. Let them climb and clamber, build tree houses and play tag.

  1. Children become more sociable

Because children draw together outside and experience the best things together, they quickly learn social skills. They learn to accept each other and to argue and to solve it.

In their game, they deliberate, they face setbacks or disappointments and find a way to deal with it. That is a good basis for the ‘grown-up world.’