Is This My Last Scuba Dive? Will I Get Out Alive? (Part 2)

We tied up to one of the permanent bouys fastened to anchor chains around the back of Cooke Island, the powerful outboard engines were shut down and we started kitting up. There were 8 divers, so we were divided up into two groups with two dive leaders for each group. The Dive Plan The other group's dive plan was to go half way around the island following the perimeter where the sand meets the rock, and return when they got down to 100 bar. (a scuba tank has around 210 bar when you leave the dive boat) Our dive plan was to head away from the Island (due east?) and go down around 20 … [Read More...]

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The Rolling Stones Experience New Videos, New Beginnings

For the last six years, my tribute band The Rolling Stones Experience has been playing around south east Queensland and northern N.S.W.  Within the first month of the band being ready to perform and doing gigs, we hired a venue on a night it was closed and made a video to market the band. That video got us a lot of work, but now, even though the there's nothing wrong with it (the video) none of the guys in that first line up are with me now, and it's was time to do something new. The band … [Read More...]


Finding Your Own Fountain Of Youth!

I walked into the lunch room at my part time employer the other day, to be greeted by a fellow worker, "hello birthday boy! I bet none of these six young kids (aged between 18 and 25) can guess how old you are today!" (It was my sixty nineth birthday) "Well!" I said as I pulled up a chair, "you guys can all have a guess if you have nothing more interesting to do?" Katlyn went first, "I'm guessing 52?" , then Ami said " I think you're 56?" None of them got nearer than 58. Personally … [Read More...]


Healthy Baby Boomers Network and The Stones Experience

Recently, Dr Eric Goodstone, from the  Healthy Baby Boomers Network Blog Talk Radio Show interviewed John, where he speaks about how his passion with music motivates him to be fit and to stay young, be adventurous and to enjoy life. You can listen to the interview at this page: Dr. Erica Goodstone is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Spiritual Relationship Healer and Somatic Body Psychotherapist, Helping Men and Women Heal Their Bodies and Their Relationships … [Read More...]

Let’s Sit Around And Wait To Die! or Jive Like Jagger At 65!

At 65 I Have As Much Energy As Jagger! Believe it or not, it's true and I can prove it. Click to play the promotional video (below) I made just 3 years ago with my tribute band The Rolling Stones Experience. If you're reading this  you've probably been been to my Facebook page The Rolling Stones Experience and you'll already know I love music and in particular I'm a Rolling Stones fanatic. And you'll know that I portray Jagger in my tribute band, so bearing in mind the fact that I'm … [Read More...]


It Sucks To Get Old….or Does It?

 Every day, somewhere, at some time, I hear someone make a remark about being old or getting old. The thing is, we all know we can't turn back the clock, ok we get that, but there's no reason we have to have this 'I'm Too Old' or 'I'm Not As Young As I Used To be' or 'It's All Down Hill From Here' attitude. Come on guys we don't have to take any notice of the number on our birthday card, it's just a number nothing more, the rest of it is just our mind set. If you do think the number … [Read More...]


Then There was Mud, Mud, and…

Last Saturday night I did a gig about two hours inland from the Gold Coast. I conned my wife (that's her feet standing in the mud in the picture) into coming with me as, unlike band gigs, doing my Mick Jagger Tribute solo gigs can be a bit lonely, especially the long drive and hanging around waiting to go on. I said to her, "look at it this way, it's a night out together, it'll be fun, we can chat on the way, have a nice walk around town before the gig, then have a few drinks and a nice … [Read More...]


Billy Joel and Me

Before I start this short story I must make it clear that I’ve never met Billy Joel in person, he doesn’t know I exist. Maybe you’re thinking "So, why should I read this stuff then?" Who is this John van whoever, and what’s all this going to do for me? What I’m about to tell you has happened to millions of people in some way or other and you could be one of them. I’m going to show you how reading Richard Brooke’s "Mach 11 with Your Hair on Fire" changed my life. I need to go back in … [Read More...]