Cruisin’ In A Black Limousine With Santana

If you’re a baby boomer you’d probably agree the 70’s was an incredible time for live music, great bands were playing in venues all over the place and life was kinda in party mode and seemed more care free and innocent? Drink this! suck that! swallow these! man we were bullet proof! The 70’s were my […]

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It Sucks To Get Old….or Does It?

 Every day, somewhere, at some time, I hear someone make a remark about being old or getting old. The thing is, we all know we can’t turn back the clock, ok we get that, but there’s no reason we have to have this ‘I’m Too Old’ or ‘I’m Not As Young As I Used To […]

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Then There was Mud,Mud, and…More Mud

Last Saturday night I did a gig about two hours inland from the Gold Coast. I conned my wife (that’s her feet standing in the mud in the picture) into coming with me as, unlike band gigs, doing my Mick Jagger Tribute solo gigs can be a bit lonely, especially the long drive and hanging around […]

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Billy Joel and Me

Before I start this short story I must make it clear that I’ve never met Billy Joel in person, he doesn’t know I exist. Maybe you’re thinking “So, why should I read this stuff then?” Who is this John van whoever, and what’s all this going to do for me? What I’m about to tell you […]

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The F..t From Hell

My daughter Jessica got the cutest Staffie pup 10 months ago. He’s mainly grey/white with bits of black, his name is Odis and loves people especially his owners. However, in a relatively short time on this planet he has up built an impressive resume of things he has demolished, in fact, enough to cover a […]

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I’m Full of It, Really!!

Bob stood out in the crowd at the Qantas arrivals lounge, from a sheilas point of view he was probably tall, dark and handsome. To me he looked, “no worries, a well fed, real friendly looking yankee bloke” Bob had come all the way to OZ from the US to conduct Teacher Training workshops in […]

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